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AllHires is a collaborative applicant tracking and recruitment system.
Our systems are built to support your recruitment - they are flexible and take the hassle out of your process. Let us help you to organise your process more efficiently.

We support YOU

Got a question? Give us a call and we will respond quickly, knowledgably and in plain English.


We train YOU

There’s no point in having a fancy system if you don’t know how to use it. We offer lots of ways to deliver training.


We ask YOU

Our clients have great ideas - we turn them into functionality to benefit the whole community of users.


We are trusted

By companies of all shapes and sizes to offer a truly organised recruitment process.


We are market-leading

Currently working with 90 companies of all shapes and sizes to support all types of recruitment, more law firms choose our system than any other.


Features common to our products

Your recruitment activity

Never lose track of an application again, with our tools to record opinion, attach files, score and log activity.

Sift and Sort
Applications quickly

Identify top talent quickly using our sorting tools to filter order and customise your view of applications. Review applications on screen or, if you prefer, pick one of our flexible print options.

Access to data

Got a top-secret role? Different staff members need different access? Grant permission to vacancies and control how much each user can see.

To match your organisation

Candidates should feel in touch with your organisation right from the beginning of the attraction and recruitment process. We build systems that reflect your organisation and match your brand identity.

All applications centrally

All applications are delivered directly into AllHires and to the correct vacancy ready for review.

Quickly and consistently

Automatically acknowledge receipt of applications and then keep in touch easily, using customisable email templates.

With your colleagues

Want a second opinion? Use our tools to share applications securely and invite feedback.

On your recruitment

Advanced reporting options allow you to produce reports to wow the business and optimise your recruitment spending. We offer simple, advanced and tailored reporting options.

More sublime features

Secure systems

Everything in AllHires is secure. All of our systems have SSL security, which means that the data is encrypted. Your candidates can apply in confidence.

Focused on your candidates

Applying for a job should be straightforward. Our basic system allows candidates to complete an application in multiple sittings and to return at any time to update personal profiles and review emails. If they get stuck, they can get in touch with our friendly support team.

Flexible approach

AllHires offers a flexible base for your recruitment. Challenge us! Tell us about recruitment across your organisation. Don’t worry if each office or department hires differently - we can work with you to support all your requirements.

Personal service

Sometimes dubbed geeky, but always described as engaged, cheerful and available. We believe that good developers and account managers take things personally - it means we care about what we create.

Intuitive design

Our clients tell us that our systems are intuitive - with years of experience in how users like to interact with our software, we make sure that it is obvious how to use the tools available. Many users pick up the basics without the need for training, but we are on hand to offer training and answer any questions.

Safe data

We back up EVERYTHING, just in case disaster strikes - this means that we can get your system up and running again nice and quickly.


We offer purpose-built graduate recruitment systems to a huge variety of organisations. We launched our first graduate site in 2003; since then, we have built systems for a vast range of companies. We currently support the graduate recruitment process at 90 different organisations tailoring our system to match the needs of each client.

A typical graduate system has two interconnected parts:

  1. Application form

  2. Candidate Management System (CMS)

The online application form is built to your specification and designed to look like a page of your website. Our team will encourage you to think about how you process candidates and what information you will want to report on, to ensure that we capture all necessary information from candidates in the ideal format on the application form.

The CMS is where you can review all applications submitted. It shows key information at the touch of a button and allows you to filter, take notes, report and communicate with candidates easily. Our easy-to-use tools also help you to be proactive, with 'talent watch' tools as standard in all systems.

Flexible designs

We have encountered lots of variety in graduate recruitment processes at the companies we work with, which is great news for you, because it means that we have probably already built something that supports your requirements. Don’t see a solution to fit you below? Get in touch - we like to get our heads around a new challenge!

Many of our best features have been suggested by our clients. We have an active community of users and to encourage idea sharing, we host user forums and regular shared training sessions.

Control the combinations of positions that a candidate can apply for
Multiple locations
Multiple intakes
Multiple positions
Multiple streams
Multiple application forms
Bespoke pre-screening questions
Bespoke scoring systems
Combinations of the above

Scheduling made easy

Cut out the nightmare of scheduling large numbers of interviews and give candidates the tools to do this themselves.

Your reference requests

Simplify the reference-gathering process by requesting them online. Let the system keep track of outstanding references and see returned references right next to the candidate’s record.

With other suppliers

We integrate with online psychometric testing providers, video interviewing tools and contextual recruitment systems, uniting everything you need to select graduates within one system.

User forums

AllHires user forums are a great opportunity to meet with people from other organisations using the AllHires system. The aim of these events is to provide our clients with an opportunity to discuss some of the latest innovations in recruitment and to provide some useful practical information to ensure you get the most out of your system.

Graduate systems for law firms

The first system we ever built was for a law firm. We have since grown to become the largest supplier to that market. We support the graduate recruitment process at more UK law firms than any other provider. Law firms using AllHires enjoy all of our usual features, with a few other elements that are specific to legal graduate recruitment.


MyLocker was developed in partnership with www.LawCareers.Net, allowing candidates to store all their exam results centrally and transfer them quickly into the application forms of participating law firms.


AllHires recruitment systems can be purchased ‘off the shelf’ or built to suit your specific requirements. The system allows you to manage all aspects of your recruitment process in one place and contains multiple interconnected parts, which could include:

  1. Candidate Management System (CMS)

  2. Job board with online application process

  3. Intranet-specific application process

  4. Agency portal

The CMS is at the centre of AllHires: it is where you create and publish your job specifications, manage applications, contact applicants, report and much more besides.

You control what jobs are posted to the job board and which agencies you wish to work on the vacancy within your CMS. You can also pick an application procedure and work-flow process for each position.

Our team will encourage you to think about how you would like to present your recruitment brand online and how you process candidates. By determining what information you need to know about candidates and what reports you would like to be able to generate, we can ensure that you capture all necessary information in the ideal format during the application process.

If you like to work with recruitment agencies, AllHires helps you to manage your agency relationships centrally, giving you the freedom to create agency portals within your CMS. All agency portals are independent - a job is displayed in the portal of a particular agent only if the recruiter actively opts for it to be published to that portal. A consultant can then quickly and easily forward applications to you through AllHires.

AllHires has an abundance of feature options to choose from - below are some of our most popular features:


By posting your vacancy to multiple job boards. Don’t waste time endlessly form filling and managing multiple log-ins for multiple job boards - use our seamless Idibu connection to post out to multiple job boards in one go.

Talent bank
Great candidates

Good candidate, but not for this role? Don’t forget about them - create talent banks and store the applicant’s details, then check in on your talent bank when a new vacancy comes up.

Seeing double?

Let the system take the strain of looking for duplicate candidates and avoid the horror of paying double agency fees.