Case studies / Jillian Singh at Weil, Gotshal & Manges (London) LLP

Have you been to a forum before? How did you find it?
Jillian: We came to the forum last year and although we hadn't started using the system, it was very informative - it was good to get an overview. I think it’s fair to say that we are delighted with AllHires.
Lucy: It'sexcellent. The support you get is great, specifically for us, from Kate Stevenson - nothing is too much trouble and if you've got an idea, you can always give them a call.

What was your application procedure before you used AllHires?
Jillian: We've tried a few online systems. The last one we used was GTIOS and before that we used WCN, but I have to say that I find the AllHires system very easy to use. It does what you want it to do and we don't seem to have any problems with it. It doesn't crash and we don't get any candidates complaining or saying they haven't received emails or tests that they were supposed to do.

Why did you decide you needed an online application system?
Jillian: We had a couple of thousand paper applications and it was very resource heavy, so the online system was a good way to streamline and make us more efficient. There were cost savings as well.

Why AllHires Graduate?
Jillian: Matthew Broadbent and Amy Elderfield introduced us to the system and explained its benefits. It looked very easy to use and was set up in a way that was quite simple. It was also very cost effective.

What has been the best thing about adopting AllHires?
Lucy: I think the best thing is that it's so user friendly. It's really easy to use and clean to look at. We don't seem to have had any problems, which is good. I've always had problems in the past with other applications. Jillian: Often when you've started to use a system, you think of things you'd like to change or do slightly differently. Any suggestions we've made have been taken on board and implemented by Amy and Kate. That hasn't been at any extra cost, either - it's just part of the package.
Lucy: I think the problem we've had in the past has been that when you want to change something, there's always been an issue stopping us. That's what's great about AllHires: it's like nothing is too much trouble.

What was the set-up and implementation of the system like?
Jillian: It was very easy - Kate, Amy and Andy (Cadogan) just took care of it all. It was very straightforward. We had a couple of meetings and went through what the system could do, what we wanted it to do and how we wanted it to look. At first, we had a system to look at and approve, and then we went live.

Have you attended a training session?
Jillian: Yes. Kate came into our office and ran through a session with us, which was really helpful.

How has AllHires changed the way you work?
Jillian: It's less stressful. Lucy and I can clearly see what each other is doing/has done on the system. It's made the way we go through our application process much smoother.
Lucy: It makes us a bit more organised.

What happens when a candidate has a problem?
Jillian: They usually email and when we get an email through, if it's something we can resolve we'll do it. If not, we usually put them straight on to Kate and she'll start sorting it out immediately. Last week we had a candidate who had pressed the submit button before she was ready to. (I'm not sure quite how she could have done it, because you're asked twice whether you'd like to submit!) Kate dealt with it straight away.
Lucy: And if we're going back to a candidate directly, we'll often go to one of the team for advice beforehand, to see what they think is the best approach.

Do you get decent support?
Lucy: Absolutely!
Jillian: Yes! Nothing is too much trouble.

What effect has it had on your workload?
Jillian: The applications are still there, so we still have to process them. I guess it makes things less stressful as you can deal with more in bulk and we don't have the same issues to slow us down any more. We've also integrated the system with online testing and that works very well.
Lucy: Yes - the system means that you can just get on with dealing with the actual applications.

"Jillian: Matthew Broadbent and Amy Elderfield introduced us to the system and explained its benefits. It looked very easy to use and was set up in a way that was quite simple. It was also very cost effective."

Jillian Singh
at Weil, Gotshal & Manges (London) LLP